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TodoTool is a small tool for managing Todo lists. These lists can be nested hierarchically. It can be used as a simple bug tracking utility for small software projects, to make shopping lists, and many other things.


TodoTool should run on any Windows PC on which the Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework is installed, but it has only been tested extensively on Windows XP with service pack 2.


Use the installer to install TodoTool. You do not need administrator rights to install and run TodoTool. The installation is per-user, so if multiple users on a single computer want to use TodoTool, each user has to install his or her own copy of TodoTool. The installer associates .todo files with TodoTool, again, this is for the current user only. Last but not least, the installer checks if the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework is installed or not before proceeding. If you don't have it installed, find it at the Microsoft download site (Look for ".NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package").

There is a known issue with installation: Windows Explorer often does not show the correct icon for .todo files right after installation. Logging out and in again or rebooting fixes this. Note that double-clicking on .todo files will work in any case, so this issue is purely cosmetic.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Germany License.


TodoTool roadmap


Version 1.2

  • Searching is now case-insensitive
  • Some changes to the icons on some buttons
  • New look for the new item/edit item dialog
  • Added Cut/Copy/Paste functionality
  • Some bugfixes

Version 1.1

  • File format was changed (old files can still be opened)
  • Added localization to german
  • Added search functionality
  • Made the most-recently-used list available from the "Open" button actually work
  • Added a "Save" button
  • Added support for opening .todo files with Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Version 1.0

Initial release