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2007 October 9: Upcoming new tool

I'm currently finalizing a useful little tool I've developed as a little side project over the past weeks. It is called TodoTool and as the name implies it is a tool for todo lists. I wrote this tool mainly to help myself to keep track of various things in whatever software I'm developing. I'm planning to release it within the next few days.

2007 September 22: Blender image

data/images/blender/t_organic_cup.pngI've added a new page with blender images. Actually, at this time there is only one image on that page, but more will be added over time.

2007 August 27: Some new photos

I did some more photographing, this time some autumn images, even though it is not yet really autumn.

2007 August 20: New computer!

Last week, I bought some parts to bring my computer up to current standards: an Athlon X2 4800+, a matching board, an ATI Radeon HD2600 PCIexpress graphics card, 2G of RAM, a new SATA harddisk, and a new power supply to power all this. Assembling the new system took a few hours, and installing all the software took quite a few hours more (I have a list of almost 100 software packages I need for development and other things). A few minor software packages and some games are not yet to installed again, and most of my non-development files are on the old harddisk, but the development stuff is already up and running.

All this means I can now develop faster and more conveniently. Jumpin' Chuck has been on hiatus for the for the whole of august, but I definitely plan on resuming development on it soon. For the rest of this week I want to experiment with something else, which I probably will mention here then.

2007 August 13: Something sad happened

Keyboard deathMy keyboard died. I spent a very long time with it, and pressed its keys probably 10.000.000 times. It was with me while I learned several new programming languages, I played many games with it. Today it couldn't withstand the pressure any longer and just gave up.

I immediately had to replace it with a new one. It's a Microsoft Wired Keyboard 500, which I normally wouldn't buy for a few reasons, but all the other keyboards in the store felt worse when typing or cost a lot more. It's not bad, but there is something that disturbs me a lot: the block above the cursor keys is different from a normal keyboard (the block is 2x3 instead of the usual 3x2). I think it will take a few weeks before I fully adjust to that.

2007 August 05: New iconpack

Nothing new on the Jumpin' Chuck front, but I assembled a new iconpack, containing icons suitable for message boxes.

A small addition to the last news item: Actually, there is something new in VS 2008 C++ Express: Thread debugging has been improved in small but useful ways. For example the current positions of all threads can be displayed with little markers in the editor window, and a thread's stack trace is shown in a tooltip when hovering of threads in the threads window.

2007 July 30: Jumpin' Chuck update

First, progress on Jumpin' Chuck has been a bit slow lately. But some progress has indeed been made. Today I got basic level loading working in the game. This should help alot, since it means I can create test levels for all sorts of things with a few mouse strokes instead of having to create them programmatically with code.

Second, the start page of this site now only shows the most recent news items, the rest have been moved to a separate page.

Third and last, I had a look at the new Beta 2 versions of Visual Studio 2008, namely the C++ and C# Express editions. The designer for XAML apps has improved quite a bit in the C# edition, but it is still slow as hell (ast least on my aging computer). The C++ edition looks like it is pretty much unchanged compared to the 2005 version, but honestly there's not much to change in that edition anyway, it's very bare-bones but it just works.

2007 July 23: Announcement of new game

I finally can release a bit more information about my secret project. Here it is.

2007 July 11: Sign of life

I'm already falling back into the old habit of not updating my website often enough... So here's a quick update on the mysterious super secret project I mentioned on June 15:

The project is progressing well, and I should be able to show a few more teaser images over the next few weeks. I'm thinking about making the game episodic. Each episode would have a small number of levels (5 or so), one major new feature, and two or three minor ones. Such features could be a new enemy or an added rendering effect or whatever. I think episodes are a good way to keep the time between releases short, which is good for both me as the one making the game, and all potential players.

2007 June 23: SiteMap

I just added an automatically generated sitemap.

2007 June 21: Squirrel!

I have my camera with me most of the time in order to be prepared for snapshot opportunities. Most of the time nothing interesting happens. But today I came relatively close to a squirrel sitting on a tree and managed to take two more or less decent pictures of the little nutcracker.

Squirrel #1 Squirrel #2

2007 June 21: Feed

I brought back the Atom feed for my site. Here it is, but note that it is empty at the moment because I did not yet tag any pages for inclusion in the feed.

2007 June 19: More Photos

Some more photos: Nature 2, Clouds.

2007 June 17: Updated icon pack

I updated my iconpack|essential icon pack.

2007 June 15: New project

I've started a new project. I can't tell yet what it is about, and it does not even have a name, but it is a relatively small project so I expect it to be finished somewhere this summer. The image below is a teaser of what is to come:

2007 June 01: Photos

And already the first content update: I've added some nature photos.


2007 June 01: Relaunch day

Today is relaunch day! What you see before you is the newest incarnation of my website, and it has a slim new design, is powered by a completely overhauled PHP codebase (code-named "Gespinst 2 Website framework"), and last but not least, I've included some of the content of an older incarnation of my site. This content was missing in the previous incarnation, but can now be found under Various. There is of course also new content on the way. I plan to add at least a little bit something once per week.