Wether for GUI applications or web sites, icons are needed everywhere. In the past I tried various icon sets from the web, and touched them up a bit in a image editing program when necessary. I also hand-pixeled a few icons, but ultimately, all this did not satisfy my idea of quality and consistency.

When I first heard of Inkscape (it was known as Sodipodi back then), I quickly realized it could be used for icons, but I also realized that I was still far away from being able to create the icons I wanted. Now, a few years later, I can do it.

All icons are mainly crafted for displaying at 16x16 pixels. There are larger sizes in the ZIP files, but these are just scaled up versions and do not contain more detail. This is not a problem for me, since I only need icons for Gespinst 2 and this site, and for various elements in GUI applications which are usually 16x16. Creating different versions for larger sizes obviously means a lot more work. If you want to do that, well, you can. The ZIP files contain the SVG files as well, and are licensed under a liberal Creative Commons license.

The following icon packs are available: